For many years, exercise bikes have been equipped only with very simple user interfaces. Finally, Webike, which will add new dimensions to training and racing on exercise bikes, is available. Webike will give you the possibility to exercise and race in a virtual world. This exciting new game will allow you to improve your fitness and you will enjoy doing it! The Webike software is an advanced product in the area of entertainment and exercising.
Using an exercise bike has never been this exciting before. Now it´s up to you to use it for a better health and entertainment along the road!

Webike is now available in its first edition!

Webike Home Edition is intended for anyone who wants to run an exercise bike at home. It brings training to a new level by providing you with a Personal Trainer, who will help you and support you in your daily training. You will have a fitness test available, which will help you to track your progress. The Webike Home Edition also comes with a series of different racing modes which will encourage you to keep on training and improve your fitness.